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Call Us Today!
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NU-LIFE LABS, founded in 1970, is celebrating 47 years in business and continues to be one of Kansas City's leading suppliers of janitorial and maintenance Items. NU-LIFE handles a complete line of specialty items to meet the challenge in today's market. NU-LIFE continues to maintain satisfaction with all it's customers not only with an emphasis on products but service as well. 

NU-LIFE distributes a full line of de-icers and ice melting compounds including Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride in addition to many other snow melters both in liquid and granular form. NU-LIFE'S customers know they can and will get excellent products and service in their time of need. Get in touch with NU-LIFE today!

With today's emphasis on a greener environment along with safety issues that we are faced with, NU-LIFE is proud to offer quality products at quality pricing which meets Green Seal Certification. Whether it's bid pricing for government agencies at local or state levels or bulk purchasing, NU-LIFE is there to serve your needs. At NU-LIFE we pride ourselves on delivering the products when you need them the most.

Anyone can take an order, at NU-LIFE, we believe IT'S SERVICE AFTER THE SALE THAT COUNTS! 

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